How do I know if I qualify for medical cannabis?

You must visit a local doctor who can give you a recommendation letter for medical cannabis.

How do I become a member?

You will need to provide us with an original doctor’s recommendation and your California drivers license or DMV-issued photo identification card. Your ID must have your photo on it and it must be up-to-date.

First we must verify your doctor’s recommendation, then you must complete a member sign-up form and agree to our collective’s guidelines. If your doctor does not have online verification, please make sure their office will be open when you plan on ordering for the first time so we can contact them and verify that you are their patient.

You can email us with your documentation at or text individual clear photos to 909-632-9071.

Can I use my passport/out-of-state license/utility bill/expired license/interim license?

We can only accept a valid California ID card or drivers license. We cannot accept temporary IDs, expired IDs, passports, utility bills, school IDs, signed leases, or out-of-state IDs. No exceptions. The reason we require your CA ID is to ensure your California residency, as medical marijuana in CA is meant for residents only.

My letter recently expired, and I do not have the time/money to get a new one. Can I still place orders?

No, you will not be able to place orders without an original, valid, up-to-date doctor’s recommendation letter from a California physician. No exceptions. We are strict about this rule because we want to protect our patients and keep our collective legal.

Are there any fees associated with becoming a member?

No, there are no fees. We will always keep a copy of your recommendation, but you will need to supply a new one when it expires.

What do you recommend for _______ ?

Please call us and register so our knowledgeable volunteers can help you choose the right medication for you.

Do you carry seeds / plants / clones / edibles?

We carry edibles from tested and reputable sources, including a selection of gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan suppliers. We currently do not carry whole plants, clones, or seeds.

How late do you accept new patients/renewals?

We accept new patients and renewals until 8PM.

How do I become a grower for your collective?

We are not seeking new growers for our collective at this time.

Will you be sending mail to my home?


Do I have to give my address/phone number/e-mail when I sign up?

You must provide an address so we can verify that you are a California resident. Providing us with a phone number and/or e-mail address is strongly encouraged in the event that any of our volunteers need to contact you.

How much medicine can I buy at one time?

It depends on your needs. One of our volunteers would be more than happy to assist you with this.



If you have questions, email us at